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Hand Tied
Hair Extensions


Dena is certified in 5 different sew-in extension methods and continually educating herself on more. Dena oversees that every stylist that offers handtied extensions at Salt + Light are certified and continually excelling there craft as well. Hand Tied Extensions require no glue, no tape, no heat and have less points of contact on your natural hair giving less opportunity for damage. Whether you want length, fullness, or all of the above, hand tied extensions can be customized for you and your lifestyle.

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Your experience with sew-in begins by filling out the hair extension application linked below. After filling out the application, we will meet either in person or virtually to discuss your lifestyle, maintenance, and hair goals and match the perfect color extensions for you. Then to move forward we will take and deposit and will set your appointment to install, color (if needed) and blend your extensions to perfection.


Once your appointment is completed, we will book your move up appointment and you are given a maintenance bag to start. The right products are essential to the longevity of your hair extensions. Below you will find a Hair Extension Care Guide to help you successfully maintain your extensions at home. Hand tied extensions should be moved up every 6-8 weeks and can be booked as a stand alone service or with a color service. The extension hair should be replaced 9 months to a year.. 

Hair Extensions

Q: How long do they take to install?

A: It takes 2 -3 1/2 hours for a first time installation. Move ups take 1 1/2 hours - 2 ½ hours, depending on the number of rows.


Q: What is the maintenance like?

A: Hand Tied Extensions have to be moved up every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. At home care is easy if you have the right tools and products. After your hair extension service you will receive a Hair Extension Care kit.


Q: How much do they cost?

A: They cost anywhere from $860 - $3000 depending on what your hair goals are. 


Q: What are Handtied extensions?

A: So, Handtied hair extensions actually refers to the type of hair extension that is being used, however there are several methods of application for hair extensions. We mostly work with luxury brands such as Kacey Welch, Covet + Mane, and MOD.


Q: How long do they last?

A: The hand tied extensions are taken out and moved up every 6-8 weeks. The actual hair itself can last up to a year if it is properly maintained and quality products are used.

Q: Do I have to use specific products?

A: Yes. I highly recommend you listen to the product suggestions made by your stylist. Hair extensions require very specific products to ensure maximum styling benefits as well as longevity of the hair. 


Q: Can I wear my hair in a ponytail?

A: Yes! As well as many other fun styles! Hand tied extensions are versatile. However, for the first two weeks after install, I recommend low buns and ponytails until your natural hair has grown in a little bit. 


Q: Can I go swimming with them in?

A: Yes! I recommend keeping your hair in a loose braid while swimming and putting in a leave in conditioner for a protectant. Blondes, pay special attention to rinsing your hair after the pool. The chemicals in the pool can discolor blonde hair. 

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